The Lovely Clark Fam

The Lovely Clark Fam

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ben got Beale! & Krista's baby blessing

Yes, we finally found out where our family will be stationed in the Airforce. It will be at Beale AF base right here near Lincoln. YEAH! He's going to be a hospital administer. He starts his training May 26th for 4 weeks and then another training for 6 weeks. I'll be single mom for most the summer-ahhh! I'm so grateful this is working out though because this has been so difficult for Ben trying to find a job. I'm looking forward to all the military perks, especially a steady pay check.

We blessed sweet, little Krista Naomi Clark on March 1st. I made her blessing dress which was so imperfect but unique. It was a perfect day having all my family out (except Rach and Tru- they were there in heart) and Ben's parents Spence and Jill.

Krista is now 2 months old and brings a little bit of heaven into our home. When I hold her, it's like holding the most precious angel on earth. I couldn't imagine doing anything else better in the world than to be a mother.


Amy Beatty said...

How exciting!! That is so nice you don't have to move. Sad that you and Ben will have to be apart for sooo long but at least you know he is near by working for his beautiful family!! I love the photos. Krista looks so lovely in her dress Stephy!! Love you guys tons xoxoxoxo

The Naven Family said...

That is so good that he will be close to home! How exciting!

Krista is beautiful, and her dress is gorgeous too! Good job!

Megan said...

Your family is adorable! People probably think you're crazy when you say you have five kids because girl you do not look it one bit! And that is so awesome Ben got that job and you guys can stay here! I am so happy for you guys!

Kari said...

Yay! Steph we are so excited for you guys and we are so glad you guys will still be here for at least a few more years! We just love your beautiful family! We need to hang out again sometime with you guys!!

The Hergers said...

Hey Stephanie!!! I just found out you had a blog.. How fun! Dean and I have one too, now we can be blog buddies! What wonderful news that Ben is at Beale.. It would be so sad to have more family move away. Your kiddies are growing to quick and beautifully.. I love all the cute pictures! Love you, Savannah

Tiffany Kay said...

FINALLY! Cheap and cute baby/toddler essentials! Check it out! AND

Baez Family said...

Stephanie your such a Queen for making Krista's blessing outfit. Your so crafty!! Only you could make it look FABULOUS!!! I am so excited for you and Ben and his new job!

Jordanfam4 said...

Tommy and I are talking about him enlisting in the AF too. Any tips??

Laura said...

Hi cute Stephanie! I saw your blog on Cathi's and thought I would say hi!
I think I already told you this, but I love Krista's bow on her head! Sooo cute, you have such cute taste! Hope you're doing well, see ya Sunday!

Kendra Joy & Tyson Robert said...

Awww, I'm happy for you guys! I'm glad you'll still be in Sac. You look gorgeous girl & your kids are adorable. Miss you. XOXO

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Krista is getting Madddd!
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I'm so proud of my sweetie. I love you Ben.

I'm so proud of my sweetie. I love you Ben.
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